smool by robert bronwasser

Industrial designer Robert Bronwasser makes ordinary products extraordinary, both in form and function.He creates products that are pleasant to use and that have their own unique character.Products that are recognisable, logical and distinctive.

smool by robert bronwasser
Robert Bronwasser graduated cum laude from the Technical University of Delft in 1992 with a degree in Industrial Design. He began ‘smool design’ in 2002, a design agency with a personal approach and dominated by his vision of commercial product design. Bronwasser has since worked for both marketing-driven multinationals and smaller, design-oriented businesses. Bronwasser combines creativity, many years of experience and knowledge of production techniques to develop a wide range of successful products. 

His design studio is located in near the waterfront in the North of Amsterdam. Bronwasser designs all products himself assisted by a small team. When needed he works closely with different design experts, creating a creative cross-pollination and focused collaboration in large-scale multidisciplinary design products. 

Bronwasser has received a number of prominent awards, including IF Awards, the Red Dot Award, GIO Awards, Interior Innovation Awards, the GIO special award for design excellence and the Dutch Design Selection. His work has also been nominated for the Gelderse Vormgevingsprijs, an Aluminium Award and the Dutch Design Awards.

In recent years, Robert Bronwasser’s work has been exhibited during the Salone de Mobile, 100% Design Rotterdam, Via Milano, Orgatec, Interior Kortrijk and the Dutch Design Week. His designs are often published in both national and international design and lifestyle magazines and design blogs.

In 2012 Bronwasser was ambassador of the Dutch Design Week, the largest design event in the Netherlands.